RJO VANTAGE Whether you are hedging or speculating, you can trade hundreds of commodity, currency, and index future contracts directly with the trading floor via RJO Vantage. Trade on a platform that offers quick and easy market access for the trading beginner along with hedging strategies and advanced charting for the more seasoned investor.
Volume Based Fees ROYAL wants to make sure you maximize the return on your trades and investments. To this end, we charge our fees on a volume basis starting at some of the lowest rates in the market.
Hedge with Options RJO Vantage allows you to trade both Futures and Options on Futures from the same platform. This enables you to enter the market when you are in the money as well as allow you to hedge any current trades with covered calls or puts.
Implement Advanced Options Strategies For the more advanced trader, RJO Vantage equips you with the ability to apply advanced options trading strategies. Capitalize on predicting the risk of existing and future volatility, premium levels and underlying asset prices and succeed.
ADVANCED TRADING INTERFACES For the professional and institutional traders, for the market experts and the seasoned trading veterans, Royal offers you multiple powerful cutting edge trading interfaces. Access your full trading potential with our exclusive suite of Advanced Futures Trading Interfaces. READ MORE
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