Moody’s Downgrades Lebanon’s Credit Rating On December 13, 2018, Moody’s has downgraded Lebanon from a B3 (Stable) rating to a B3 (Negative) warranted by a worsening governmental and financial outlook.
What does B3 means anyway?! Moody’ s rating classifies long term credit worthiness in three major categories

  1. Investment grade divided into 10 sub categories that range from Aaa to Baa3,
  2. Non-investment grade divided into 11 sub categories that range from Ba1 to C, and
  3. “/” the defaulting debt

What does B3 negative mean? What happens next? Lebanon current rating of B3 negative is a Non-investment grade that could be downgraded further if the governmental and financial outlook do not show any signs of improvement. However, should the Lebanese government succeed to meet the requirements of the CEDRE public investment package, and should the Lebanese GDP start showing signs of real growth with an emphasis on the influx of foreign investment to the country and the rating could be reviewed and reverted from negative to stable outlook.

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