Advanced Futures Trading Interfaces For the professional and institutional traders, for the market experts and the seasoned trading veterans, Royal offers you multiple powerful cutting edge trading interfaces. Access your full trading potential with our exclusive suite of Advanced Futures Trading Interfaces.
CQG QTrader
  • Advanced charting including CQG-exclusive TFlow charts
  • Multiple order types including Iceberg and algorithm orders
  • Powerful and reliable market data
  • Ability to place orders linked to technical indicator values
CQG Trader
  • Fast order entry with DOMTrader
  • Ability to export real time data into excel
  • Multiple languages including Russian, Chinese and Japanese
  • Multiple order types including Iceberg and algorithm orders
  • A favorite of hedge funds and institutional traders
  • Highly optimized and multi-threaded for lightning fast execution
  • Integrated charting with X_Study
  • Ability to trade various products including Options and Fixed income
  • Advanced charting including real time news and economic indicators
  • One click order entry including keyboard shortcuts
  • Advanced orders including price and time activated orders
  • No maintenance downtime during the trading week
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