to the Principles of Sound Corporate Governance

Women in leadership roles are reshaping organizations and corporations, and bringing fresh vision to the world. Royal Financials, a services provider, has moved with the times and become a pioneer in Lebanon by appointing its first Chairwoman to the Board of Directors.

An engaged Board of Directors is vital to Royal’s success, and each member has been selected based on their extensive experience in finance, auditing and regulatory compliance. Through their experience and independent insight, the Board is able to ensure strong corporate governance to mitigate risks and bolster Royal Financials' market position.

Beyond preserving shareholder value and adapting to an ever-changing risk environment, the Chair will oversee management performance to achieve Royal's strategic goals. This includes Royal Financials' expansion beyond being an ETP provider to offer a diverse range of services usually only found among top tier firms: trading and asset management.

Such new leadership and development was only possible through the implementation of corporate governance, policies and procedures, which will further pave the way for achieving future goals and expanding Royal Financials' global reach.


Chair of the Board

ROYAL is committed to embedding a progressive, strong and capable corporate governance culture. The Board of Directors has extensive experience in finance, auditing and regulatory compliance. Each member was selected based on their strong track record in their respective field of expertise to ensure effective oversight of the company as well as provide a strong foundation for strategic expansion.

The board is engaged in identifying and mitigating risks, and ensuring progressive strategies are in place that are adaptive to changing market conditions and the regulatory environment. Extensive internal controls and auditing is carried out to identify any potential risk and ensure no conflict of interest within the management and company.

Through effective and proactive regulatory compliance, the company is protected from any risk that could stem from non-compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) rules. Royal Financials is in total compliance with the circulars of Banque du Liban (Central Bank of Lebanon), the Capital Markets Authority (CMA), and the Lebanese Commercial Law.

With Royal Financials operating at a global level, the company complies with international laws and regulations. Royal Financials is also committed to transparency and disclosure in its operations.
By adopting best-in-class protection, Royal Financials is safeguarding the interests of the company, shareholders and stakeholders.


The Board of Directors has designated several committees which helps deal with complex or specialized issues by allowing better organizational structure and providing flexibility to board and non-board members to be more efficient in accomplishing important tasks and duties.

The committees are: