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PPC Manager In a nutshell, your job as our PPC Manager is to bring in quality leads via all online avenues. You’re going to be judged on CPL, CPA, CTR, QS and other digital ad metrics, so you’ve got to be a full on PPC Jedi with a proven record of success... Read More
Why you’re going to love working for Royal as our new PPC Manager

Royal ( launched in 2006 and quickly grew into an award-winning, international online Forex and CFDs broker. Royal is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and regulated by ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). We’ve also got offices in Limassol, Cyprus, Beirut, Lebanon, Cairo, Egypt and even in Florida, USA.

Now that you know we’re a serious company that’s going places, we think it’s time you found out what it’s like to work for Royal.

Simply put, working for Royal will be one of the most awesome experiences you’re likely to have. A bit too over the top? Nope. Our team is what drives us, moves us, shapes us. They’re what make Royal what it is.

Thing is, when it comes to adding to our team, we pick talented individuals who are proud to be different! Royal is action-packed with ‘out of the box’ thinkers, and our 130+ team members worldwide are valued and loved. You want to be a part of this, right? Of course you do! With over 15 different nationalities employed here, Royal is a true multicultural firm and we know exactly where we’re heading.

If you believe you can expand our PPC campaigns, increase our already high conversion rates, and think of innovative ways to bring in quality leads by bringing down the CPL and CPA, you’re the PPC Manager we’re looking for.

Check out the PPC Manager’s responsibilities below. If you’re a kickass PPC Manager, we’re going to definitely want to meet you!

Your role as the Royal PPC Manager

In a nutshell, your job as our PPC Manager is to bring in quality leads via all online avenues. You’re going to be judged on CPL, CPA, CTR, QS and other digital ad metrics, so you’ve got to be a full on PPC Jedi with a proven record of success.

Key responsibilities as our PPC Manager

Here are just some of the responsibilities and duties you’ll be asked to carry out as our PPC Manager:
  • PPC budget management. This is one of the most important tasks you’ll have. You need to know how much and where you need to spend the budget in order to bring in the best leads.
  • You’ll be working closely with our Communications and Visuals Teams (both of which are in Marketing) to create kickass funnels, HTML5 & search banners and landing pages that drive our conversion rates through the roof!
  • Analyse. Analyse. Analyse! You’ll need to analyse every campaign daily to ensure they’re running at optimum levels.
  • Putting together monthly presentations which compare last month’s results to the previous month. You’ll need to explain the peaks and troughs as well as give a fully detailed explanation as to how we got to these figures. Explaining future plans that you plan on implementing next month is also something you’ll need to add to your presentations.
  • Campaign Creation. Create, run, and tweak a series of campaigns such as Search, Display & Remarketing campaigns. Bear in mind that we’re not just targeting English speakers. Royal is a worldwide company and our clients speak a multitude of languages, so you’ll need to run successful multi-language campaigns.
  • Speak CTR, CPC, CPL, CPA, ROI, CR and QS fluently. If you have to Google what these are, there’s no need to apply.
  • Keyword Research. Yep, that’s on you too. Out of the box thinking comes in massively here. Simply stating that the keyword we should use is ‘Forex Trading’ doesn’t help anyone. You’ll need to be cleverer than that.
  • Tracking and Performance. This. Is. Huge. You’re going to work with other teams at Royal to ensure everything we do is fully tracked. If you’re not getting in the right data, how are you going to be able to optimise your campaign?

PPC Manager Requirements

Our standards here at Royal are super-high, and because we’ve implemented ‘Royal Standards’, we only ever take on the very best. Check out the list or PPC Manager requirements and bear in mind that each one of these requirements is a ‘must have’ and a deal-breaker.
  • 3+ years’ experience working with AdWords, Bing, and creating ads on social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Outstanding knowledge of paid search; how it works, what to do and when, as well as what not to do.
  • Critical: Hands-on experience when it comes to managing international PPC campaigns.
  • God level attention to detail, which is needed when analysing your campaign stats.
  • Experience of managing PPC budgets.
  • Experience when it comes to creating and presenting campaign reports which focus on the ROI, CR and future plans.
  • Advanced level experienced of Microsoft Excel. This is key as you’re going to be using Excel a lot when it comes analysing large datasets.
  • Very good experience when it comes to getting the most out of mobile advertising.
  • OCD Proficient. Attention to detail is one of the biggest requirements for any PPC Manager.

Some advantages that could get you in the door

When it comes to selecting our PPC Manager candidates, we take a look at the whole picture and select the candidate that fulfils all the criteria we’re looking for. If you’ve got experience in the following, you just might beat the other candidates to the PPC Manager post:
  • SQL experience would great, but it’s not a deal breaker. As our PPC Manager, you’re going to have to be extremely proficient with database driven web analytics. Crunching these numbers by being able to speak to a database using SQL is an advantage.
  • Experience in working in the Forex industry will definitely be considered an advantage.

Benefits of working for Royal

If you’re successful in your application to become a Royal PPC Manager, you’re going to receive a truly competitive remuneration package including private medical insurance, a discretionary bonus at the end of the year, which is dependent on your performance, and loads of other benefits and outstanding perks. And that’s not all! You’re going to be joining one of the most awesome Marketing Teams in the world. Other marketing departments might use clichés such as ‘Sky’s the Limit!’ We have no sky; no limits. You’re given the tools and the training to ensure you become the very best you can be. The rest is down to you.
Here at Royal, we’re into empowering our people, and you’ll get to see that from the very first day you join us!

Applying for the PPC Manager role

Applying is easy. If you meet our requirements, send us an email to with the subject "I AM THE PPC MANAGER YOU’RE LOOKING FOR" and/or fill in the form as well as upload your CV.

All applications are treated confidentially, and by filling in the online application form, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted the Job Applicant Privacy Policy. We’re fully GDPR compliant here at Royal.

Good luck!
Job Details
  • Job TitlePPC Manager
  • Reports ToMarketing Director
  • Office LocationLebanon
  • DepartmentMarketing
3.06.2019 Apply Now

Senior Graphic Designer We’re looking for an uber creative person who can even wow Stevie Wonder with their ability to create dazzling artwork. Being creative and having artistic flair is key here. If you’re experienced with using Photoshop but aren’t artistic, please feel free to apply to another company as ‘Photoshop Technicians’ aren’t needed at Royal... Read More

We’re looking for an uber creative person who can even wow Stevie Wonder with their ability to create dazzling artwork. Being creative and having artistic flair is key here. If you’re experienced with using Photoshop but aren’t artistic, please feel free to apply to another company as ‘Photoshop Technicians’ aren’t needed at Royal.

Degree in Graphic Design or in a similar field, or proven experience as a graphic designer, with a portfolio that can justify your experience.
  • We’re mostly interested in spotting your flair for art and witnessing your enthusiasm in the filed which can translate into spectacular work. If you’ve got that without the degree, then go ahead and apply.

Outstanding knowledge of design software, primarily Adobe applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, XD and InDesign.
  • Experience in other graphic design applications will be considered an advantage.
  • Knowledge in video editing and motion graphics software - specifically After Effects and Premier will move you up the pecking order.
  • If you can animate, we’ll also view this as a massive advantage.

At least 2 years’ experience in graphic design for web, e.g. designing the artwork for landing pages, email templates, etc., not the actual HTML and CSS development work, but the graphical designs.
  • If you have experience working for another Forex broker, this will definitely be considered as an advantage, but we’re willing to hand the position to someone that stands out from the rest, even if they don’t have Forex experience.

*** Applications submitted without an attached portfolio will be declined ***

What we’re looking for and what you’ll be asked to do as a Senior Graphic Designer here at Royal Financials

We’re looking for a senior graphic designer who’s super creative, awesome, and has the personality to fit into the Visuals Team, which is already action-packed with uber creatives. We say ‘awesome’ because the working environment in the Royal Marketing Team is something you’ve probably never experienced before. When it comes to creativity, we’re off the Richter scale.

As the Senior Graphic Designer, you’re going to create head-turning designs, whilst showing the Junior Designers how it’s done. We’re looking for someone that has the vision to create amazing landing pages and website template designs, banner designs, eBooks and email templates from scratch. If you’re the type of person that can create a design that wows the team and management, you’re probably the person we’re looking for.

Key Duties of a Royal Senior Graphic Designer
  • You’ll be responsible for working on building our brand visually (based on our brand guidelines) and making sure you keep the Royal brand consistent across all mediums.
  • You’ll need to be able to manage your time effectively as you’ll be managing quite a few projects at the same time.

Benefits of Working for Royal as a Senior Graphic Designer

If you’re successful and join us, you’ll have the wow-factor of working in probably the best and most adventurous Marketing Team in the world Bold statement, right? You’ll see.

You know the expression ‘sky’s the limit’? In our team, there is no limit and there’s no box, so all your thinking is done outside of one. You will also receive a competitive remuneration package which includes a fantastic medical plan.

To apply for the Senior Graphic Designer position, please send your CV to, using Applying for the Senior Graphic Designer Role as your subject line. You’ll need to provide us with the following 3 things, so listen carefully as we’ll only get in touch if you’ve provided the following:

  1. A cover letter; it doesn’t have to be long, but if you can put it together using some creative highlights, this will see you capture our attention a lot faster.
  2. Your CV/ resume. A boring CV on Microsoft Word simply won’t cut it. If you call yourself a graphic designer, and a senior one at that, your CV needs to have been created on something that’s a lot more adventurous than Word.
  3. Links to or an attached portfolio of your work. Unless we see your Behance portfolio or another portfolio that shows off your creative talent, we won’t even respond to your email.

We take all applicants seriously and your application will be treated confidentially.
Job Details
  • Job TitleSenior Graphic Designer
  • Reports ToVisuals Team Leader
  • Office LocationLebanon
  • DepartmentMarketing
2.07.2019 Apply Now

Thank you for submitting your CV Thank you for your message. We have received your CV and will review it at the earliest opportunity. If we have a position matching your skills and experience, we will contact you shortly to discuss the opportunity. Otherwise we will enter your information into our database for any future openings.
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